6 Pelvic Distortions

The pelvis is a great starting point to resolving problems that are going on the with body. In fact most session I start there unless the client has a history of having issue with the neck, fallen arches, or cranial distortions which all have the ability to cause the pelvis to become unbalanced. However lets keep it simple by through mastering balancing the pelvis it gives you the opportunity to start to look else where for the root cause of your clients problems. In this video I show the 6 distortions of the pelvis and some of the effects it has on the spine. I hope you enjoy also look for up coming courses on this topic to come soon. 

6 pelvic Distortions that every manual therapist needs to understand in order to understand the position of the pelvis. In the video I discuss the 6 distortion that we cover in Posturology 101 and in Integrated Approaches to Low Back Pain. Flexion (Anterior Tilt), Extensions (Posterior tilt), tilt, Rotation, Obliquity, and Flexion disorder.