Pectoralis Major

Much of society suffers from the stress that modern day work places on them.  Many hour spent in a car during a long commute added upon time spent in front of a computer and then again commuting back home again.  This can lead to a posture that is detrimental to the thoracic spine, neck, shoulders and arms.  Pectoralis major can become a major player in a slumped forward shoulder posture that can lead to poor body mechanics and gait patterns which will lead to a stiff thoracic/cervical spine and shoulder dysfunction.  Complaints can often be of pain or stress in the upper back between the shoulder blades, back of the neck, difficulty in breathing and chest pain that can mimic heart problems.  Trigger points can refer into the 1st through 3rd finger, the anterior shoulder and create a depressed protracted shoulder along with internal rotation of the humerus. 

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