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Sports Cert Dates

Spring 2015

March 21st Theory, Rehabilitation & First Aid

March 22nd Strokes, Application & Stretching

March 28th  Pelvic Balancing 

March 29th  Day of the Hip

April 11th Day of the Lower Extremity 

April 12th Day of the Torso

April 25th Day of the Neck

April 26th Day of the Shoulder

May 2nd Day of the Upper Extremity 


NEW!!! Sports Cert Intensive

June 17th-21st: Sports Cert Intensive: Part 1

July 31st-Aug 2nd: Sports Cert Intensive: Part 2


Fall 2015

Aug 22nd Theory, Rehabilitation & First Aid

Aug 23rd Strokes, Application & Stretching

Aug 29th  Pelvic Balancing 

Aug 30th  Day of the Hip

Sept 12th Day of the Lower Extremity 

Sept 13th Day of the Torso

Sept 26th Day of the Neck

Sept 27th Day of the Shoulder

Oct 3rd Day of the Upper Extremity 


Sports Massage Certification Program

Sports Massage Certification is a 10 weekend long Sports Massage CE course in Houston, Texas.

Module 1, Day 1 & 2  

(14 Hours)

Module 1 prepares the Therapist to work in the field of Sports Massage in pre-event and post event. 

Day 1 of Sports Massage (7 hours) – Day 1 starts with defining the basics of Sports Massage.  What makes an athlete? What is Fitness?  How does Performance affect the athlete?  Where the sports massage therapist fits in.  Understanding what makes Sports Massage different from other modalities. We look at the contraindications of Sports Massage and explore the world of pain and how we can use the description of pain to determine what kind of work is appropriate.  The types of pain are discussed.  We learn how to use the pain scale to assess pain and explore the pain cycle.   Furthermore, Module 1 gives an overview of what the therapist should expect in the field.  First Aid, CPR, Hyperthermia and Hypothermia are addressed.

Day 1 concludes with an in overview of the Massage Strokes and other techniques commonly used in Sports Massage that will be studied in Day 2 of Module 1.

Day 2 of Sports Massage (7 hours, Day 1 prerequisite) – Day 2 provides the therapist with an in-depth analysis of the strokes used in Sports Massage. The therapist will be taught the theory behind the strokes and what physiological effects they have on the body.  The three basic event massages are covered: Pre-event, Post event, and Training/Conditioning Massage.  The therapist learns the different types of stretching used in Sports Massage and when it is appropriate to use each modality.  In the Hands-On portion of this course you will learn to perform Pre-event and Post Event Sports Massage.

Module 2 – The Day of _____ Series

(42 Hours)

Module 2 prepares the therapist for training and conditioning massage.   Specific work on the listed anatomy and proper massage techniques are utilized to empower the athlete to meet the demands of between event training periods.  We learn about individual muscles in each region and their actions.  Finally we learn how to stretch these muscles to assure optimal ROM for the athlete. 

The Day of Series consists of the following:

  • The Day of the Pelvis - Massage Techniques and Stretching - 7 Hours
  • The Day of the Leg, Ankle, and Foot - Massage Techniques and Stretching - 7 Hours
  • The Day of the Anterior and Posterior Torso – Massage Techniques and Stretching - 7 Hours
  • The Day of the Neck and Shoulders – Massage Techniques and Stretching - 7 Hours
  • The Day of the Shoulder – Massage and Stretching – 7 Hours
  • The Day of the Upper Arm, Lower Arm, Wrist and Hand – Massage Techniques and Stretching - 7 Hours

(Note: The above may be taken in any order; however, all must be complete before taking Module 3.)

Module 3 – Science of Creating Massage Protocols for Specific Sports

(7 Hours)
(Prerequisites Modules 1 & 2)

This module will train and enable the therapist to develop a unique Sports Massage Protocol for Pre-event, Post event, and Training and Conditioning massage for a specific sport.   The therapist will study the movements of the sport and understand what movements are critical to the sport as well as what muscles are involved.  In addition to the 6 hours classroom hours the therapist will be responsible to do 10 outside classroom case studies.   Case studies are to be evaluated by instructor. 

Module 4 - Written Test

(Prerequisites Modules 1, 2, & 3)

Upon completion of all the above Modules and 10 case studies there will be comprehensive written exam over all the material.  It will be multiple choices 150 Questions.   Sports Massage Theory, Muscle origins, insertions and actions will be covered in detail.

Passing of the written exam (minimum grade of 75%) and meeting all the above criteria will earn you a certification in Sports Massage.


Program Cost:

Total Cost of the Program: $1,375.00

Cash discount of $200.00 if you pay in full 2 weeks before the first day of class.

Cost includes manual.

Payment Plans:

Plan 2: 2 payments of $687.50

Plan 3: 3 payments of $458.33

Plan 4: 4 payments of $343.75

Plan 5: 5 Payments of $275.00



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