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Sports Massage Certification, April 7-9 (Part 1), May 5-7 (Part 2), June 2-4 (Part 3)

  • Texas Massage Education 12403 Keepers Trail Cypress, TX, 77429 United States (map)

Part 1 of 3 | Involves 3 Days of Class pack full of information. Day 1 Involves Theory, Assessment, and understand how to work with athletes. Day 2 Involves stretching, strokes and application and range of motion assessment. Day 3 Involves understanding and learning to balance the pelvis for optimal performance.

Part 2 of 3 | After balancing the pelvis we will dive into addressing the lower extremity along with the torso and finally into the neck. We go over assessment of the knee, ankle, foot spine and cervical spine and how to start creating a treatment plan for your athlete.  

Part 3 of 3 | The last in the series and where things start to come together. We have journeyed through the pelvis, torso and into the neck. Finally, we make it to the Shoulder. Day 1 of the series is focus on balancing the shoulder on the torso and understand the movement of the shoulder. Day 2 involve the upper extremity (Forearm, wrist and hand). Day 3 we put everything together and walk you through case studies to help you create a treatment plan for each case study

Once you have complete all requirements then you will receive a Certificate stating that you are a Certified Sports Massage Therapist.)

  • Part 1: April 7-9th (21 CEs) 
  • Part 2: May 5-7th (21 CEs)
  • Part 3 :June 2-4th (21 CEs)
  • The entire cert program and 73 CE hours, which includes the 10 case studies

Your Investment for the certification course

Early Bird Regular Registration: $1075                                                      

(Payments made in Full By March 7, 2017 to receive early bird pricing)

Early Bird Registration Payment Options:  

  • 2 payments: $545
  • 3 Payments: $365
  • 4 Payments: $275

Regular Registration: $1275                                                                                          

(Payments made in Full by April 7th, 2017)

Regular Registration Payment Options  

  • 2 payments: $645
  • 3 Payments: $435
  • 4 Payments: $330
Earlier Event: December 3
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