Fundamentals of Sports Massage Therapy

Consisting of two days that prepare the therapist to work in the field of Sports Massage in pre-event and post event therapy. 

Day 1 of Sports Massage (8 hours) – We begin by defining the basics of Sports Massage. 

  • What makes an athlete?

  • What is Fitness? 

  • How does Performance affect the athlete? 

  • Where does the sports massage therapist fit in the world of sport? 

The therapist will: understand what makes Sports Massage different from other modalities; look at the contraindications of Sports Massage; explore the world of pain and how we can use the description of pain to determine what kind of work is appropriate; learn how to use the pain scale to assess pain; explore the pain cycle. 

Furthermore, Module 1 gives an overview of what the therapist should expect in the field. First Aid, CPR, Hyperthermia and Hypothermia are addressed. We conclude with an in overview of the Massage Strokes and other techniques commonly used in Sports Massage.

Day 2 of Sports Massage (8 hours, Day 1 prerequisite) – We provide the therapist with an in-depth analysis of the strokes used in Sports Massage. We teach the theory behind the strokes and what physiological effects they have on the body.  

The three basic event massages are covered:

  • Pre-event

  • Post event

  • Training/Conditioning Massage

The therapist will: learn the different types of stretching used in Sports Massage; understand when it is appropriate to use each modality; receive hands on experience performing pre-event and post event Sports Massage.