Sports Massage Certification Series

The sports massage certification program will provide you with the assessment tools to address your clients needs and enhance their performance, whether they are professional athletes or weekend warriors. This course covers the basic of sports massage, assessment, lower body technique, and upper body technique to improve and prevent potential injury.

Grow Your Practice

Grow your practice by increasing the quality of your massage and the value of your work to your clients.  We have introduced and enhanced sthe ports massage education to southeast Texas by teaching a certification class in Houston.  Join Tim Janak Sr and Tim Janak Jr to improve your applied knowledge of the human body - in motion and with correct posture.  Your massage clients, athletes or not, will notice and appreciate the enhanced skill level of your massage practice.

The Program

Consisting of five modules covering everything from pre/post event sports massage to balancing muscles around the joints, this course will give you the tools and the critical thinking skill required to expand your practice to athletes, weekend warriors, and your everyday desk jockeys.

The Modules are:


At the end of the course students will have the opportunity to certify through Texas Massage Education in Sports Massage Therapy. Certification means that you as the student have studied and utilized the information of the course to improve the lives of the clients that you work with, making you competent in the content of the Texas Massage Education’s Sports Massage Program. Certification is not required, but upholds the quality of the the program and raises the bar across the profession. Certification requires completion of the sports massage program, 10 case studies, a passing grade of 80% or more on the sports massage test.


Fundamentals of Sports Massage


Balancing the Neck


Balancing the Pelvis & Torso

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Balancing the Leg & Foot


Balancing the Shoulder & Arm